About Unislip – Precision Manufacturers of Valve Grinding machines

What is Unislip? Who is Unislip?

Unislip SAM Valve Grinding MachineUnislip valve grinding machines was first started up by IMCA Ole Jorgenson, Sweden in 1974 with a vision of providing a total valve grinding solution for all various types of valves within a spectrum of industries from ship maintenance, oil refineries to power stations. The great thing about the UNISLIP range of valve grinding machines is that they are extremely portable, cheap to run, durable and can be used to grind valves in situ which after a few uses of the machine makes its money back saving on downtime.

In 2007 Mindex Ltd with over 25 years of experience within trading with developing took over the manufacturing of the of the machines which are manufactured 1 mile away from their UK office who endeavour to provide a high level of quality product durable in the most demanding of conditions.

Money Earned = Money Saved

Valve grinding is an essential part of valve maintenance which can interrupt production costing thousands even millions of pound whether in the power industry , ship maintenance or within industrial plants. Lets face it DOWNTIME costs money which is essential profits lost.

The UNISLIP range of valve grinding machines manufactured by Mindex Ltd based in the UK cuts down the grinding time by up to 90% compared to conventional grinding equipment on the market. Further more our range of machines compared to conventional methods provide a higher quality finish and over a short space of time pay for themselves.

So How do the Machines Work?

The UNISLIP valve grinding machine consists of a holding plate which has a number of grinding heads that are fitted with self adhesive discs. When the holding plate rotates buy the use of a man driven handle or air motor the holding plates rotate in the opposite direction to grind and polish the sealing surface.

In Heat or Cold Unislip Guarantees Perfect Operation

Since no grinding paste is needed our range of machines can be used at temperatures ranging from -30 deg C(-22 deg F) up to 100 deg C (212 deg F) making our machines very versatile for various environments and conditions where temperature may effect conventional methods of valve maintenance.

Perfect Surface, Perfect Finish

The UNISLIP grind machine grinding heads rotate many times during one rotation of the holding plate the surface is perfectly ground, first coarse and then fine. The abrasive paper becomes finer and finer during the grinding and the surface is polished at the end of the operation. Standard grit sizes available are: 80. 120, 240 grit.

Suitable for 97% of All Valves

The range of valve grinding machines we currently manufacturer are suitable for gate valves, parallel and slide valves in standard dimensions from 18mm to 1300mm. Non standard sizes can be manufactured on request. For customer specific requirements please provide us with the inner diameter of the seat to the ground and we shall endeavour to procure your requirements.

Portable and Fast Mounting

The great thing about our range of valve of grinding machines is that they are extremely portable and can be set up by one man within 15 minutes and provide maintenance to the valve IN SITU. Each machine is supplied with a durable metal case that will last you for years to come.

On The Spot Operation, No Need to remove The Valve

Our range of grinding machines can be fitted to the valve house with the two clamps. Since the machines are so easy to use it cannot be used the wrong way since the equipment does not operate if installed wrongly. Only one measurement is needed for correct setting and it is extremely easy to change the abrasive discs as no grinding paste is required.

Easy To Use, Easy To Operate

Our range of machines are extremely portable and can be used where the valve is situated where the maintenance is being carried out. The machine is fitted directly on the valve housing and can be driven manually or by an air motor (supplied at extra cost). The entire set is supplied in one or two portable durable cases. In other words the UNISLIP machine can be carried out in the field and in confined spaces.